In these terms and conditions the following words have the following meanings:
a) The Company – Refers to AV Link Ltd
b) The Customer – Refers to any party with whom the Company enters an agreement into.
c) The Contract – The specific details of the agreement made between the Company and Customer, including items for hire and/or services required and the total costs of both.
d) The Equipment – The items included in the contract which are either;
i. To be hired by the Customer from the Company
ii. To be performed a service upon
the details of which are specified in the Contract.

a) Details of contract are final, with all quotations or advertising material of items prior to the contract being provisional, and subject to change.
b) In the case where any term(s) in the Contract is conflict with anything stated in these terms and conditions, the latter will prevail, and the term in the Contract shall have no effect.
c) Only with written consent from the director of the Company can terms and conditions be changed.

a) Will make every effort to provide the equipment or services in the manner as stated in the Contract, and will only fail to do so when a situation arises that is beyond the control of the Company.
b) Pledges to ensure that all equipment to be hired out is in good working order and condition.

a) Is responsible for the selection of items/services they require. Following agreement to the Contract, the customer is liable to pay the whole sum as stated in the Contract, even if the Customer wishes to cancel the order either partly or in it’s entirety.
b) Is responsible for following any specific instructions that the company gives in regards to particular pieces of equipment, and any damage that results as a result of not adhering to these will be the fault of the customer.
c) Is responsible for equipment they have hired during the rental period, as defined in Clause 6(a) . Damage that occurs during the rental period is the responsibility of the customer, and may be charged for a repair or full replacement of the equipment. Wear and tear consistent with reasonable use is however excusable. Furthermore, any revenue lost by the company as a result of equipment not being available for hire is to be fully compensated by the Customer.
d) The customer shall not modify or otherwise interfere the equipment, or attempt to repair the equipment either themselves or by a third party. Any damage to the equipment that occurs through these activities will be subject to the terms stated in Clause 4(c).

a) The company requires a written order of equipment and/or services in order to proceed to draw up a Contract, which the Customer may subsequently accept or reject. Any alterations to this initial order must also be made in writing.
b) Orders or extensions to orders can be refused at the discretion of the Company.
c) The Company, at their discretion, may require references or any other information before accepting an order.
d) Orders and other requests must be made in writing, and the Company will make reasonable effort respond to correspondence received during working hours as quickly as possible. When sent outside working hours, correspondence will be only responded to the next working day.

a) This is from the point of which items are delivered to or collected by the Customer, to the point at which it returns back to the premises of the Company.
b) An agreed date of expiration at which items are to be returned is stated in the Contract. Items must be returned during the Company’s working hours on this date of expiration, or rental period will be extended by a day, and will continue to until item is returned. These additional days will be charged at the standard rate of rental.
c) When items are returned late incur a loss to the Company due to the equipment in question not being available for rental, the Customer will compensate the Company for these losses.
d) A rental period of less than 24 hours will be charged at the standard rate for 1 day

a) Services carried out by the Company will be done so on the premises of the Company, and carried out during normal working hours. While efforts will be made to return items by a time as agreed upon by the Company and Customer, the company is not liable for any losses that the Customer faces as a result of late returns.
b) The Company may on request provide technicians or freelancers in order to assist setting up the equipment hired by the Customer, a service whose charge will by included in the Contract.
c) If the Company believes that the Customer has under estimated the amount of work required to fulfil a service, they may increase the charges from what is stated in the Contract in order to match the amount of work done.

a) If required, items can be delivered and collected from the customer, at a fee that will be included in the Contract.
b) The company will endeavour to deliver the goods and/or ensure arrival of technicians to a location and time as specified by the customer, but will not be liable for failure of either to arrive by the time specified. They will then subsequently collect equipment at a mutually agreed time, and at same location unless otherwise stated. Both delivery and collection occur during normal working hours unless otherwise agreed upon by the Company and Customer
c) The Company is not liable for any losses the customer may experience as a result of late delivery.
d) Upon delivery, the Customer must ensure that all equipment is of a good working order, and a signature on a delivery sheet is an indication of the Customer’s satisfaction. After this period, the Company is not liable for any losses/damages that the Customer may experience due to malfunctioning of the equipment.
e) In the event that items are not of a good working order at the time of delivery, the company will make a reasonable effort to make a repair or replacement within one working day.
f) Items must be available for collection at the time when the rental period is finished. If not, then the Customer is liable for both late return charges, as stated in Clause 6(b) and 6(c), and the travel costs required to collect items.

a) Payment must be made at the time as specified in the Contract, or when unspecified within 30 days of the date of invoice.
b) Late payments may be charged, at the Company’s discretion, at 3% interest a month after this period.

a) The Customer is fully responsible for any claim for loss, damage, injury or death to any person(s) arising either directly or indirectly through the use of the Equipment.
b) The company is not liable for any repairs or replacement of equipment used in conjunction with the Equipment that is not included in the Contract.
c) The Company is not liable for any losses, damages, injury or death that are sustained by the Customer or any other third party as a result of mistakes made by technicians as provided by the Company. Furthermore, any damage to the Company’s equipment as a result of these mistakes are the Customer’s responsibilities, and the Company are to be fully compensated for any repairs, replacements and loss in revenue.

a) All equipment stated in the Contract and supplied to The Customer must be insured by the Customer at it’s full replacement value against damage and loss caused by any event that occurs from the time it leaves the Company’s premises to the time it returns. Prior to the commencement of the Contract, the Company shall require proof of full cover, with the insurance provided not having terms less favourable than the terms of the Company’s own insurance policy.
b) If the Customer does not effect it’s own insurance or insufficient evidence of insurance is not obtained by the Company, the latter will automatically effect it’s own insurance on the Customer’s behalf. This is charged at 12% additional to the total equipment charge (VAT excluded). Furthermore, the customer will be required to pay the first £500 of each and every claim taken out on equipment that has been damaged/lost while in the Customer’s care, and will also be liable for additional hire charges until the Company has been fully reimbursed for their losses.
c) When under the Company’s insurance, the Customer agrees to/understands the following:
i. Any claim must be reported to the Company within 24 hours.
ii. Thefts and lost items must be also be reported to the police within 24 hours, and obtain a crime number.
iii. Equipment must not be left in an unattended vehicle without an alarm at any time.
iv. Equipment left in an unattended vehicle with an alarm should not exceed £100,000 at any time.
v. Equipment must not be left unattended in a vehicle overnight unless the vehicle is kept in a locked garage or compound, which has an alarm that is properly set.
vi. If the equipment is left unattended in a room that is not part of the Customer’s premises, the room should be secure with all doors and windows locked, and any alarms set.
vii. The value of the equipment left at any one location is not to exceed £150,000 and equipment valued at more than £100,000 is not to be carried in any one vehicle.
viii. The Customer will assist the Company and their insurers in dealing with any loss or claim and shall provide any documents or proof as needed.
ix. This arrangement is only applicable in the United Kingdom and Europe.
x. The policy provides for normal exclusions in respect of war, terrorism, etc.

a) The Contract will specify the date at which the rental of equipment will terminate, at which point items must be returned in the manner as described in Clause 6 (b) and (c)to avoid further charges.
b) The Customer can extend the rental period and delay termination by a written request to the Company, although this must be done so a full working day prior to the original termination date, and can be accepted or rejected, at the Company’s discretion.
c) Termination prior to the expiry date of the contract will require a written notification one working day prior to the newly proposed date of termination. The Company reserves the right to impose the full payment as set out in the Contract.
d) The company reserves the right to terminate the contract if the Customer are in breach of these terms and conditions, default on any payment that is due to the Company, or if the Customer commits an act of bankruptcy or enters liquidation.
e) Under these circumstances, The Company is allowed to withhold equipment and/or withdraw the Contract and/or it being lawful to enter the premises of where any of their equipment is held in order to retrieve it. The Company is not liable for any loss to the Customer or a third party that occurs as a result of these actions, including any rental charges that the Company may itself impose.

a) All equipment hired out by the Company remains, at all times, the property of the Company, and is supplied to the Customer on a rental basis only.

a) Prior consent from the Company is required when equipment that has been rented are to be taken outside of the United Kingdom, or to be used in a hazardous manner or environment.
b) It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure any that the insurance cover they have undertaken covers use of equipment in circumstances as stated in 11(a), as well their method of transporting the equipment abroad.

13. VAT 
In addition to all charges, the Customer shall pay Value Added Tax, which will be charged at the rate applicable at the relevant tax point date.

Any dispute, which may arise between the Company and the Customer from the rental of equipment and/or any service the company may provide, shall be subject to English Law.